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Your Custom Travel Planning Membership

Hello, I’m Amanda Whitaker, Certified Travel Professional and owner of Kaleidoscope Custom Travel. I know that a love for travel does not necessarily mean a love for planning travel, so I offer annual travel memberships to enable travel lovers to embark on unforgettable adventures without the effort and mental load of planning vacations yourself.

With my travel membership you will receive unlimited ultra-customized travel planning services, along with long-term travel planning to ensure you experience all your dream travel destinations in a way that’s just right for YOU.

Travel Planning Membership Benefits

Proactive savings

Even when working with a traditional travel agent, who you work with on a per-trip basis, you will typically only have access to the current sales and promotions when you reach out to start planning a trip. As part of your membership, I will keep track of all your dream destinations and future travel plans, and reach out when there is a particularly good opportunity or sale, such as a 40% off sale when a cruise line first releases a new sailing. Even if you aren’t sure where you want to go, with my experience and connections I can recommend the very best experiences at exceptional prices.

Exclusive client list

In order to provide truly exceptional service, I work with a limited number of clients. This exclusive membership enables me to spend the time to get to know you and your travel preferences, so that I can craft intimately detailed itineraries perfect for you. I will always have the time to answer any questions you have and personally tailor every detail of your trip based on your unique travel personality. See testimonials here.

Long term “bucket list” planning

Do you have a list of travel dreams, but aren’t sure how to best make it happen? I work with you to sketch out a long-term and flexible overview of when and where to experience everything on your list, whether it’s a specific destination or unmissable experience. This long-term view enables you to take advantage of booking opportunities far in advance, and also makes sure you don’t miss out on once in a lifetime events, such as booking a cruise around Iceland to experience the 2026 total solar eclipse.

Last minute opportunities

Do you dream of seeing the northern lights? Some travel opportunities are best booked last minute, when the data is available to make sure you have the best experience possible. Because we work together long-term, I will know when an exceptional experience or last minute deal that matches your travel dreams becomes available.

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“Amanda planned our trip to Ireland with enthusiasm and ease! She was exceptional at finding unique experiences that fit each of our personalities which made the trip both thrilling and affordable for everyone present. Between kayaking in a bioluminescent lake, touring a traditional bookbinding shop, and participating in religious vespers, she created space for both classic tourist attractions and time for peaceful exploration.” - Madison B.

“I was working on planning an extended family vacation to Hawaii. It was to be a big affair, really a once in a lifetime pre-retirement trip. I thought with the resources available on the internet: "How hard can this be?" I came up with an initial plan and shared it with Amanda for review. She quickly identified new options which were much better than my own plans. She spent the time to know exactly what I was looking for and came up with a very personalized service. The trip met all expectations for a very diverse group of family members. I would highly recommend her services!” - John W.

“My husband and I had such a great time connecting on our 30th Anniversary trip! Sintra, Portugal, which Amanda recommended, was full of castles, towers, water features, and lush gardens. Absolutely Magical! The train getting there from Lisbon was so easy and all the tickets in advance made the trip stress free and so enjoyable. It was exactly what I was looking for, even though I had never heard of Sintra before Amanda’s recommendation. I’m looking forward to all the unique trips she will plan for us in the future!” - Amy E.

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