About Amanda Whitaker

Custom Travel Expert

Hello, I'm Amanda Whitaker, a Certified Travel Professional, passionate researcher, and experienced travel expert.

After spending hundreds of hours researching and planning a family trip to Japan, I realized that my passion for travel research was more than just a hobby. I founded Kaleidoscope Custom Travel because I deeply enjoy the puzzle of piecing together a trip for someone else, and I would love to share this joy with you!

As I started planning vacations for others, I recognized that the trips were as varied as the people going on them, even if they were traveling to the same destination. I believe that travel is intensely personal, and that what could be the trip of a lifetime for one person could be a nightmare for someone else.

I focus on getting to know you and your travel preferences personally, so that I can not only recommend the destinations I think you would particularly enjoy, but also personally tailor each experience to your specific interests, budget, and travel style. With my passion for research and connections in the travel industry, I can build you an unforgettable trip anywhere across the globe.

I would love to help you create cherished travel memories. Please reach out for a complementary 30 minute video consultation so that we can begin your custom travel journey!

Ready to explore your personalized travel options?

Contact me, owner and travel expert Amanda Whitaker, on the form below, directly by email at Amanda@KaleidoscopeCustomTravel.com or sign up for a 30 minute intro video call and I’ll get back to you quickly to start discussing your custom travel dreams. No obligation, of course!